getting bigger
the hole
in my story

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  1. Carol Dilworth Says:

    oh dear, difficult situation captured so well

  2. Gary Michael Dault Says:

    too prosy

  3. magyar Says:

    __ Nifty Ben_! I leave another "yarn" in this echo, to parallel your "story". Smiles_! _m

    burst stich
    this hole in my story
    new yarn

  4. Banyan Tree Haiku Says:

    Great ku, Ben! Made me smile :)
    -Marianne Paul

  5. MaryJo Says:


  6. Valentina Says:

    You have captured the essence of those storytellers whose stories only get bigger with time.

  7. Bruce Feingold Says:

    LOL and reminds me of the saying "in for a penny, in for a pound." Cool senryu!

  8. Peggy Says:

    this is great, thanks for sharing!

  9. hoa khai truong Says:

    Thank so much, this is great, thanks for sharing!

  10. hamdy132 Says:

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