unpacked box
on the kitchen table?
foreign headlines



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  1. Mike Schoenburg I Says:

    Great haiku; shades of SE Asia!

    ocean waves~~~
    the falling sun
    burns the sand

  2. Michelle Schaefer Says:

    Lots of intrigue in this one. I love how something so ordinary as a box on a kitchen table becomes a gateway for mystery. The unopened box and the foreign headlines provide the tension that leave us with a feeling of anxiousness. Nice Michael.

  3. michaeldylanwelch Says:

    The box is actually opened (unpacked).

  4. aniketnik Says:

    Interesting. It's like

    A few things certain
    A few ascertained
    Life is all about present.

  5. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Intriguing, Michael. This felt like someone who has just arrived in a new environment where everything is strange.


  6. Jacobe Says:


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