pit stop
we water the roadside


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  1. Magyar Says:

    __ Ah… . This senryu, well said Dave. _m

    a long drive
    we stop and talk to the trees
    no answers

  2. Dave Read Says:

    Thank you Magyar.

  3. Pris Campbell Says:

    I LOVE this! Dave Read is one of my favorite writers of haiku/senryu.

  4. Dave Read Says:

    Thank you very much Pris. That means a lot too me. :)

  5. Marion Clarke Says:


    Brilliant, Dave – as usual!


  6. Dave Read Says:

    Thanks Marion!

  7. Alan Summers Says:

    Hi Dave,

    And 'wry grass' too?

    I hope it wasn't after too much coffee, although that mean a lot of vitamins and minerals for them.

    I dread to think what happens at the next pitstop. ;-)

    A fun senryu!

    warmest regards,

  8. Dave Read Says:

    Thank you Alan.

  9. aniketnikhade Says:

    Few things have changed
    Few remain
    Life continues with same.

    Trees have made a progress in there growth, new flowers have come up. Now all they need is more water to look better than before.

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