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  1. peggy Says:

    excellent, love this!

  2. Magyar Says:

    Fine, Sally!
    __ Ah, those magic of books with real paper pages, as an older person I see nothing better and your verse fully explains their portable importance. _m

    beach book
    with too many periods
    grains of thought

  3. Sabra Fenske Says:

    A whole summer’s worth of memories and doings falling out from between those pages… This is lovely!

  4. papagreenbean Says:

    Terrific imagination!

  5. Lynne Says:

    This made me smile and keep on smiling. And there's so much back story packed into these few words: lazy reading days on a beach holiday. I could almost smell the suntan oil, feel the sun on my shoulders!

  6. Mike Schoenburg I Says:

    Nice poem, I liked it!

    afternoon waves
    the falling sun
    shadows the sand

  7. Sally Biggar Says:

    My thanks to everyone who has commented; I appreciate your remarks very much.

  8. Stephen Lindow Says:

    Wind blew roughly in
    knocking brass bells from silence
    then placing them back

  9. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Love the concrete element in this, Sally!


  10. portaldasher Says:

    very beatiful dude, let's go!

  11. lindowst Says:

    rain pachinkos
    neon signature:
    good noodles here

  12. Alan Summers Says:


    Ah, used to be plagued by overdue books! So often one year that I raided my various penny bags and would spend two or more minutes feeding the library machine. The librarians hated it, but at least I was putting money back into the libraries which are being rid of by our current governments.

    That was my old local library, and this is from a library in another city:


    library café–
    we swap lost key stories
    as my coffee cools

    Alan Summers
    Publication credits: Presence 32 (2007); Tinywords (2007); The O’Keefe Brief, O’Keefe Library at SAU, St Ambrose University, Iowa, U.S.A. (2007)


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