a flaw
deep in the diamond


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  1. Alan Summers Says:

    a flaw
    deep in the diamond


    Definitely an interesting juxtaposition. Reading up on diamonds they sound so unglamorous!

    Diamond is a metastable allotrope of carbon…
    The cutter has to decide which flaws are to be removed by the cutting and which could be kept.
    The diamond can be split by a single, well calculated blow of a hammer to a pointed tool, which is quick, but risky. Alternatively, it can be cut with a diamond saw, which is a more reliable but tedious procedure. WIKIPEDIA

    The pairing that is so often a feature of haiku works so well here!

    warm regards,


  2. Magyar Says:

    Or… a double play.

    __ Of course Rebecca, I may be accused of disrespect and ignorance in my response to your fine verse, but that is certainly not my intent. With a deep smile, my "juxtaposition" is a metaphoric view of that universal "diamond". Haiku / senryu; read by other eyes; the change. Smiles! _m

  3. janbentexas Says:

    Nicely done, Rebecca

  4. carol austin Says:

    This haiku arrived on my 75th birthday; the diamond one. Your verse is so incisive with such an economy of words! Thanks so much for this work.


  5. Sara Says:

    This is lovely, Rebecca. Flawed and codependent as most things are.

  6. marykendall Says:

    Rebecca, I love your pairing of codependent and flawed. Well done!

  7. kalaramesh Says:

    Lovely, Rebecca.
    Unusual use of words but so apt

  8. Peggy Fry Says:

    but still, it is your diamond.

  9. lucywhiteheadpoetry Says:

    Wonderful haiku. This speaks to me of buried childhood wounds often at the heart of codependency. Really elegant and beautiful way of expressing it.

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