solar eclipse
I fill my wheelbarrow
with sunflowers

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  1. Alan Summers Says:

    Wow, I can imagine you preparing for this, and sitting things out, rather than just staring out into the sky with funny glasses.
    such old steps
    ?I water the sunflowers
    for van Gogh

    Alan Summers
    Stardust Haiku Issue 9 – September 2017

  2. Joy MacVane Says:

    Thanks for your kind response. Loved your haiku. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Charles Says:


  4. phoartetry Says:

    Nicely written.

  5. Jeff Hoagland Says:

    Lovely image Joy. I enjoyed the total eclipse on a rode trip with my son in Wyoming. There was indeed a sunflower, in the sky. Thank you for this!

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