in the space
between falling rain
and loneliness . . .
the song
that once was ours


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  1. Pravat Says:

    A beautiful tanka with poetic essence (honi). The visual description (miru tei) unfolds the layers of loneliness (yugen tei).

    sublime smiles
    the painting portrays
    I adjust to live
    rewinding the coil of time
    in the shadows of my loneliness

    Pravat Kumar Padhy
    Publication Credit: Notes From the Gean, Vol 2, Issue 2, 2010

    **** **** ****
    a solitary kite
    in the twilight sky
    dusk deepens
    unfolding the heaviness
    of her long loneliness

    Pravat Kumar Padhy
    Publication Credits: A Hundred Gourds, 4:2, March 2015
    One Man’s Maple Moon, 2017

    ***** ***** *****

  2. Michelle Says:

    Devastating. Thank you.

  3. MaryJo Says:

    Beautiful tanka and so poignant.

  4. papagreenbean Says:

    Lovely sadness evoked—beautiful

  5. Susan Says:

    Beautiful work, Paresh. A tanka I wish I had written.

  6. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Oh, how sad but so beautiful, Paresh!

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