the darkness of my skin
 on my soul
 this stickiness



(Originally published in is/let, November 2017)

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  1. Marie Shimane Says:


  2. Marie Shimane Says:

    This affected me so much that it also affected my spelling ability!

  3. kalaramesh Says:

    Thank you, Marie!

    Your comment:
    "This affected me so much that it also affected my spelling ability!"


  4. Pravat Says:

    A very thoughtful and poignant composition.

    the tunnel retains
    its darkness

    Pravat Kumar Padhy
    Publication Credit: South by Southeast, Issue 19:1, 2012

    candle lights–
    darkness dissolved
    in flame

    Pravat Kumar Padhy
    Publication Credit: Lynx: 2013

  5. kalaramesh Says:

    Lovely response ku, Pravat.
    I still vividly remember meeting you at Bhubaneshwar along with your wife.
    Thank you for liking my ku.

  6. Helen Buckingham Says:

    Wonderful ku, Kala, I can't stop thinking about it which, for me, is the ultimate test of a successful poem. I so love your work.

  7. kalaramesh Says:

    WOW! What a beautiful compliment, Helen.
    Thank you so much.
    It's mutual – I love your work too :))

  8. Helen Buckingham Says:

    And that is the greatest compliment I can imagine…..thanks so much, Kala, you've made my weekend! xx

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