Writing prompt for tinywords 18.2

There’s nothing like a good summer thunderstorm to set the hairs on your arm on end. When the dark night sky flashes bright with lightning you know you’re alive.

For this issue’s photo prompt we present just such a scene. Your challenge is to pen an original poem or two in response to this dark and stormy night. Leave your best efforts in the comment box below and the tinywords editorial team will share the best of the best in tinywords 18.2, which is due out in late September.

Keep in mind, we will continue to accept regular submissions for the next issue (issue 18.2) through the end of August at our Submit page.

Thanks for dropping by and for sharing your poems.

151 Responses

  1. Blessed Ayeyame Says:

    the door shuts
    against the wind


    a bird twitches
    at my stare

  2. satinekatharine Says:

    My leg out of bed
    The drapes twist with the monsoon
    The lightning shines through

  3. satinekatharine Says:

    fragmented woman
    waiting for a lightning strike
    to go home through

  4. ron scully Says:

    lightning whip
    the field barn's moment
    flight or fight

  5. A.J. Anwar Says:

    a split-second lightning flash
    caught in a picture
    stays forever

    lifeless countryside
    lightning charges down
    to energize

    life in countryside
    completes the full circle
    when thunderstorms arrive

    A.J. Anwar
    Jakarta, Indonesia

  6. A.J. Anwar Says:

    A refinement on the earlier version, if allowed, should read:

    a split-second lightning bolt
    caught in a picture
    flashes forever

  7. Jeffrey Ferrara Says:

    light through the crack —
    a barn left to fall
    stands on its own

  8. Susan Schulz Says:

    thunderstorm at seventeen
    for sparks to fly


    weathering the late
    summer storm
    without her

  9. Marjie Fitterer Says:

    instant accident
    – like a lighting bolt
    … now he’s an angel

  10. Jeffrey Ferrara Says:

    for a moment
    what once was bright
    made brighter

  11. seg Says:

    Summer days depart the planes.
    Lightening strikes less often -but autumn
    thunder wakes within the waves of wheat
    a trembling like no spring that came before.

  12. Marie Louise Munro Says:

    lightning storm—
    between the bolts I count
    the breaths of my newborn

  13. Gaby Bedetti Says:

    barn hesitates
    between a flash
    and the dark sun

  14. kjmunro Says:

    fire in the sky
    our stormy past
    haunts us

  15. A.J. Anwar Says:

    Really like this, KJ, 'haunting'.

  16. Joanne van helvoort Says:

    a cold wind
    ruffles my hair
    clouds gather
    a far wind
    slams the door

  17. jasminonajourney Says:

    summer sighs a storm
    cool waters
    soothing concrete

    under this swollen thunderclap
    i am only a raindrop

    asleep you frown
    at storms that waking
    you'll shrug off

    by @haikurkbride

  18. satinekatharine Says:

    he looks up in awe
    at the storm and he
    knows the earth knows how he feels

  19. martin1223 Says:

    night storm
    through the empty lamp
    passing shadows

  20. Jim Roberts Says:

    sitting on the roof
    to see lightning

  21. rob flipse Says:

    the face-off
    a barn-owl in the window
    looks at you

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