those things
we neglect


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  1. shirley weese Says:


  2. Chris Warner-Carey Says:

    I was immediately transported back to rural Alabama, to the countryside surrounding Auburn University, where I studied. When I first moved there from Miami, I asked my classmates from the South about the strangleholding plant- they laughed and told me not to stand in one place too long, lest I be engulfed.

  3. Marjie Fitterer Says:

    some produce sometimes-
    others never

  4. Magyar Says:

    __ Well felt, Deborah; my humble echo. _m

    vine cloak
    covers the flaws
    peer deep

  5. Karen O'Leary Says:

    Dear Debra,

    This is indeed a haiku moment in the truest sense. The minimalist approach allows the reader share the vines, reaching within to make your haiku the readers own too. Thank you for sharing it.


  6. Deborah P Kolodji Says:

    Thanks to all who commented. I enjoy reading your impressions and thoughts.


  7. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    A thought-provoking one, Deborah.

    (I was trying to guess what a kudzu was before Googling it, and thought it might be an instrument left out in the rain! :) )


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