editing a line
 the cigarette coal's
  precarious length


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  1. Alan Summers Says:

    Gosh, so many of us as writers must have been there, at least once, with that mad sublime ridiculously long quantum-defying cigarette ash holding on against Newton's apple!

    Wonderful imagery, I feel it's being downloaded right now from a 3-D printer, thank you! Hardcore poets still exist!

    Well, I'll leave everyone to check it out more thoroughly in parts one and two regarding:

    Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis
    Volumes 68–69, August 2003, Pages 443-465
    Vicki L Baliga, Donald E Miser, Ramesh K Sharma, Michael E Thurston W.Geoffrey ChanaMohammad R Hajaligol
    Research Center, Philip Morris USA, PO Box 26583, Richmond, VA 23261, USA
    Quantum Resources, Richmond, VA, USA
    Received 13 November 2002, Accepted 20 March 2003, Available online 11 June 2003.

  2. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Ha – I love it! There is almost a plea from the smoker to the cigarette to hold on another few seconds until he (or she!) finishes the line and then the cigarette will be tapped and its ash deposited in the correct place…but just not at this minute! Great tension in this.


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