so real
these plastic flowers-
my butterfly mind


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  1. janewilliams Says:

    I love this, it makes me think of William Carlos William's The Red Wheelbarrow. So much depends upon the light in which we perceive …

    old trishaw rider
    still looking fresh
    plastic flowers

  2. kashinath karmakar Says:

    Thank you Jane!

  3. kalaramesh Says:

    Thanks for this beaut, Kash.

    so real
    these plastic flowers-
    my butterfly mind

    Oh! the transient mind!!

  4. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    I saw someone visiting a grave when I read this, Kashinath. Our cemeteries are filled with plastic flowers here in Ireland and I find them very sad. However, the 'butterfly' mind lifts this from pathos. I thought of spirits soaring and the like. An intriguing ku.


  5. anoveldiary Says:

    Such an Aha! in the third line!! brilliance thy name is Kash!

  6. Anitha Varma Says:

    Lovely as always, Kash.
    – Anitha

  7. Vidya Says:

    How simple and beautiful

  8. kashinath karmakar Says:

    Thanks all for your inspiring comments!

  9. martin1223 Says:

    winter dresser
    the long shadows of a tree

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