winter moon
dad’s watch
in my sock drawer

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  1. Dan Curtis Says:

    Very nice, Frank. I have an old pocket watch of my Dad's and this made me think of doing more with it than having it in my desk drawer.

  2. Susan Schneider Says:

    i immediately thought of my late husband's watch in my sock drawer which used to be his sock drawer. How alike we are without knowing how alike we are. Thanks for the good memory.

  3. Theresa C. Says:

    Fine work, Frank. I enjoyed this one very much!


  4. janet Says:

    Very nice. The juxtaposition of a winter moon, suggesting beauty and death and emotional distance, juxtaposed to the watch, conjures up melancholy and loss. Beautiful.

  5. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    This really resonated with me, Frank. My mother recently gifted my son the pocket watch that my husband and I presented to my late father. It's in a little box in his bedroom (he's away at university now) and whenever I open the box it's as if my father and son are connected. A lovely poem.


  6. Magyar Says:

    __I've given to my off-spring, a few gems of our family passages:

    to my Daughter: some colorful crochetted "ker-chiffs" made long ago by her "Great Gramma"
    to my Son, an impressive (2 inch) brass bullet shell (fake) with a cover where the 'led' was to be.

    __Items of the time! _m

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