busy all day
with their origami
paper wasps

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  1. Mike Schoenburg Says:

    the tadpole
    swims away
    a frog ?

  2. Mary Stevens Says:

    Love this!

  3. Peggy Bikbro Says:

    Oh, I love this one! I’ll always think of it when I see their nests!

  4. Marilyn Hazelton Says:

    I really, really, like this, Greg. The pause at the end of line 2 is profound.

  5. martin1223 Says:

    oozing yolk
    out of the carton
    paper wasp

  6. Bruce H Feingold Says:

    Nice touch, Greg, and liked the contrast of human & nature in reverse. Delicate & nuanced!

  7. Garry Eaton Says:

    green heron
    drops a berry in the pond
    a strike!

  8. puffofsmokepoems Says:

    I just discovered the tiny words site. This site, and this poem–both beautiful–as someone else commented, I will look at their nests differently now. Which is, from a certain angle, the whole point of poetry. Thank you for sharing your work with the world.

  9. d. f. tweney Says:

    the calla's white throat
    a spiderweb

  10. Nelle Stevenson Says:

    original haiku journal
    sting of memory

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