quince buds
trying to explain
my hobbies

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  1. Julie Warther Says:

    Haha! I love this. Hobbies like writing haiku, I would imagine. Nicely done!

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    quince buds
    trying to explain
    my hobbies


    I see that the Quince can easily double as an ornamental tree in the garden, and of course quince jelly is great as a condiment to a cheese board, along with chutney etc… :-)

    I'm wondering if your hobbies are both ornamental plants/shrubs, and making lots of jars of jam, preserves and/or conserves, and jelly for cheese. :-)

    Or perhaps you just have something really non-mainstream or non-suburb as a hobby. Perhaps you picked some flowering quince and used them as a flower arrangement to remind you that winter (both literal and allegorically) is passing?

    I must consider picking up a non-mainstream hobby, although explaining about haiku to two over-zealous police officers was both amusing (no guns on their part were involved) and sad, that as a consolation they could have helped run a poetry competition at their police station. Ah, hobbies, and the fear of ones that are 'different'! :-)

    Sometimes we can only dream….

    a dreaming forest busy as Hitchcock

    Alan Summers

    Publication credit:
    weird laburnum ed. Michael O’Brien

    warm regards,

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