Abu Dhabi
above the falcon’s cry


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  1. janewilliams Says:

    An evocative cultural image. It has compelled me to read up on the significance of this bird of prey in Emirati history. Also, I love the way dawn is linked to but above above the falcon's cry, bringing to mind perhaps the sound of the first of the five Islamic calls to prayer … wonderful.

  2. martin1223 Says:

    Thank you Jane for your thoughtful comments, by the way, I truly love your haiku:

    the fluffed up kookaburra
    holds his laugh

    Names, places, things that have a musicality draw me in to it. I am compelled to say it repeatedly. I still cannot stop laughing every time I say your wonderful haiku. Anyone unfamiliar with the kookaburra’s laugh should find it on YouTube. I look forward to reading your first haiku collection that I found on Amazon “echoes of flight: haiku & senryu”.

  3. martin1223 Says:

    Wadi Rum
    the faint scent of Aqaba

  4. janewilliams Says:

    Thank you Martin for commenting further on my own haiku and for encouraging people to seek out the kookaburra's laugh! I hope you find more to enjoy in 'echoes of flight'.

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