Lakeview, Chicago

I used to think if I could just see the lake, I wouldn’t feel alone. From my eighteenth floor window, the despair nudges me closer to looking down.

this old feeling…
the ghosts I know
come home to haunt

6 Responses

  1. Mojde Says:

    The high rise reminded me of a symbolic bird …

    Hoopoe, up in the sky
    Detects water
    Underneath earth layers…
    The valuable secrets

  2. Midge Says:

    Edgy. Finely balanced…

  3. Mike Schoenburg Says:

    If too desperate, telephone

  4. jimare Says:

    Recognizable for me, but my old ghosts have turned into company and no longer uncomfortable.

  5. Amelia Cotter Says:

    Thank you all for the responses, and thank you to tinywords for publishing this piece! Spoiler alert: I did not jump.

  6. Vassilis Comporozos Says:

    Very nice, intimate and moving! Congrats! NEVER COMMIT SUICIDE. OF COURSE YOU KNOW THAT. There is always too much to enjoy and indulge in and live and experience and share! After all, suicide means eternal loss of soul in the afterlife….

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