watercolor painting showing a view looking straight up through steep redwood trees

redwood time . . .
the steady journey
from earth to sky


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  1. pbergonzi Says:

    So very nice–one of the finest I have ever read. Thank you.

  2. mpaone Says:


  3. Nancy Rapp Says:

    This is also one of my favorites. Lovely.

  4. Mike Schoenburg Says:

    afternoon waves~~~
    the falling sun
    shadows the sand ?

  5. MaryJo Says:

    Beautiful. thank you.

  6. Mojde Says:

    Very beautiful !

    Tight freedom
    One side
    To The other side

  7. janewilliams Says:

    Wonderful! I love everything about this haiga.

  8. Lawrence Cheong Says:

    beautiful work!

  9. Annette Makino Says:

    Thank you for your kind responses, they mean a lot to me!

  10. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Beautiful artwork and words.


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