bean harvest
a snail’s tentacle
touching sky


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  1. Andrea Cecon Says:

    Love your snail: beautiful work!

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    bean harvest
    a snail’s tentacle
    touching sky


    Intriguing haiku when you read about field beans:

    Growing field beans for human consumption


    Field beans are the same species as broad beans (Vicia faba) but they are a different variety producing smaller beans. They are thought to be more vigorous and reliable than broad beans and show better cold tolerance, so can be grown as a winter or spring crop.

    Many of us have seen field beans growing in the UK, and assumed that they were destined for cattle feed.

    What people don’t realise is that a significant proportion of the crop is exported to North Africa for human consumption.

    In Egypt in particular, these beans play an important part in the diet, as they are used as an alternative to chickpeas in many dishes such as falafel and hummus.


    You may now wonder which country and its sky that snail's tentacle is touching!
    Wonderful haiku!!!

    warm regards,
    Alan Summers


    the blue guitar
    how many snails
    dream of race

    Alan Summers
    Frozen Butterfly issue 4 ed. John McManus (2016)

  3. Mary Jo Says:

    Enjoyed your snail haiku. And Alan's information was interesting too.

  4. Mojde Says:

    Great point of view!
    rich harvest which takes one year…
    ons tiny snail who takes about 3 years to become mature…
    searches skies…

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