kitchen moon
a cricket sings
from my shoe

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  1. Andrea Says:

    Very nice! A well-crafted haiku…

  2. S. Weese Says:

    really nice, love it!

  3. Adjei Agyei-Baah Says:

    A delighting haiku for my weekend

  4. Seren Fargo Says:

    Thanks for the chuckle. Nice haiku.

  5. martin1223 Says:

    i got a kick out of your haiku and thought i would link to my old domestic scene …

    kitchen floor
    the nightlight reddens
    the mouse's ears

    tinywords 2007-03-08

  6. magyar Says:

    Nice thought sound Roland!
    __ This echo was generated; the cricket, those old shoe squeaks.

    old leather
    as these shoes harmonize
    squeak walk

  7. magyar Says:

    Very well seen, Roland_!
    __My response as encouraged reader. _m

    old leather
    as my shoe squeaks harmonize
    night walk

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