home run
the baseball leaves us
all behind


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  1. Joanne Morcom Says:

    And the World Series starts today in Houston,Texas. Go Astros and Nationals!

  2. magyar Says:

    __ Nice Joanne! We'll all be watching,. That imagined sight below, could happen. Smiles_! _m

    bald eagle's talons
    claw that in park home run ball
    video replay

  3. Robert Kingston Says:

    I love the kaleidoscopic feel to this ku Joanne, something I too have enjoyed.
    A scene from Star Trek as Kirk commands warp speed 5.

    Cape Canaveral
    a rocket pulls a crowd
    into space

    Incense dreams #3.1

  4. papagreenbean Says:

    a walk-off home run
    up and over
    the prison wall
    Johnny Baranski

  5. Joanne Morcom Says:

    Thanks for your feedback and baseball themed haiku!

  6. Lesley Says:

    thank you, from one baseball fan to another!

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