the teen boys
raid the fridge


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  1. Alan Summers Says:


    the teen boys
    raid the fridge


    I remember a dad saying all you need to do is keep the fridge well stocked at all times for teenagers! He'd keep a 24 hour fridge that was in itself an open house all hours. They grew up okay, so it could be part of a good plan.

    But I guess teenagers like to sneak down to the kitchen even if they actually have permission to 'raid' the fridge! :-)

    Ah, grackles, and teen boys, what a racket! :-)


    someone kicks
    a fridge full of things
    shut again

    Alan Summers
    Publication Credit: Blithe Spirit 25.4 (November 2015)
    From the haibun "The Beat Is Back" which is about a 'what if' Kerouac could come back to contemporary times. :-)

  2. Jennifer Hambrick Says:

    A racket of grackles. Maybe a new collective noun!

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