art of cursive
the barn swallows inking
a washi sky


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  1. Janet Butler Says:

    Very nice. Lovely image.

  2. Alan Summers Says:

    art of cursive
    the barn swallows inking
    a washi sky


    Very beautiful!

    warm regards,

  3. Alan Summers Says:

    Just look up onto the internet what a barn swallow looks like, and then against the background of washi and be prepared to be blown away! On certain Summer days (in Canada, USA, Northern Europe etc…) be prepared to be blown away, and fortunately the Barn Swallow is also seen as a bird of Spring! Southern Hemisphere in the time of Winter is also a good time, so set your sails across Marianne's washi sky and catch them all year, if you can!


  4. MaryJo Says:

    Beautiful image.

  5. magyar Says:

    Marianne, such a grand earthly feeling, as I see that message on a paper sky.
    __ Too… today's parallel: 'Tis not odd that >ink and link< rhyme… their their meaning can seem the same. _m

    cursive links
    through this feathers nib
    paper sky

  6. Marianne Paul Says:

    Thank you folks! I appreciate your kind words and attentive reading.

  7. Bruce Says:

    Nice — here's a haiku I wrote this summer while visiting Croatia and soon to be published in
    belfry bells
    the swallows compose
    a perfect clef

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