little things
clearer now

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  1. Michael Schoenburg Says:

    overlooking the pond
    an iguana strolls by
    there goes my haiku ?

  2. martin1223 Says:

    For me, there is a lot of emotion in the phrase “little things”, seemingly unimportant but now realized, and the solid rhythmically pronounced sound of chickadee. How elegant!

    the call’s end of a Black-capped Chickadee… dee…dee…dee Pygmy Owl*

    *You Tube’s “8 Black-capped Chickadee Calls Explained"

  3. Alan Summers Says:

    ittle things
    clearer now


    A lovely tight haiku of just five words! Beautiful!


    I'm reminded of my haiku:


    baby robins
    the world is reset
    for a moment

    Alan Summers
    Publication credit: Presence issue #61 2018
    Anthology: a hole in the light: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2018

  4. magyar Says:

    Ann, the seeds of 'sight and sound's' imagination… grown so well here.
    __ Chickadees, are our state bird; seeing and hearing their warmth… the seasons matter little.._m

    quickly found within this snow
    chirps of warm

  5. Alice Says:

    it starts with indefinite little things – irritations, love notes, etc.
    and brings them down to one thing – the chickadee
    from enigmatic to clear


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