morning quiet
a minnow
nabs a gnat

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  1. Mary Stevens Says:

    Love both the image and the sounds in this one, Hannah!

  2. jeff hoagland Says:

    Hannah –
    You take me to the water's edge, where I am at home. Love this moment! nab-gnat!

  3. Hannah Mahoney Says:

    Thanks, Jeff!

  4. Kristen Lindquist Says:

    I love this, Hannah! The micro-focus…

  5. Hannah Mahoney Says:

    Thank you, Kristen!

  6. Guy Stephenson Says:

    Nabs……. What a wonderful choice of word fir a tiny fish bite. A beautiful piece.

  7. Hannah Mahoney Says:

    Thanks so much, Guy.

  8. Garry Eaton Says:

    Nature red in tooth and claw.

  9. Mike Schoenburg Says:

    the tadpole
    swims away
    a frog ?

  10. Hannah Mahoney Says:

    Thank you, lovely commenters! Much appreciated!

  11. mikebayles Says:

    baled hay
    summer afternoon
    nature's gold

  12. Sheila Sondik Says:

    We enjoy the quiet morning, but the minnow and the gnat experience a life and death struggle.

  13. Hannah Mahoney Says:

    Thanks, Mary!

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