no fly in a flicker of the bluetongue’s tongue



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  1. Helen Buckingham Says:

    It's all there in the rhythm…..excellent, Lorin.

  2. Garry Eaton Says:

    I thought I might have to call the vet to help me understand what’s happening here. But I take it the blue tongue is not from blue tongue disease, so it’s an Australian skink, who missed a fly. Difficult moment to capture, but appropriate that you did it with a tongue twister. Subtle!

  3. Jan Dobb Says:

    Ah, yes yes yes! What more can I say?

  4. Sheila Sondik Says:

    Going straight into my "favorites" notebook. I enjoy reading it aloud. Yes, the rhythm!

  5. martin1223 Says:

    Wadi Rum
    the faint scent of Aqaba

  6. Bill Kenney Says:

    A beauty. i can see it, hear it, feel it.

  7. seaviewwarrenpoint Says:

    Oh I could really see this — well, in a "now you see it, now you don't" kind of way! :)

    Congrats, Lorin.


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