watercolor painting of a lily in full bloom with the text of a haiku in the lower left

plain brown bulb
the mystery
of becoming

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  1. Marianne Paul Says:

    Oh my, beautiful! Image and haiku.

  2. Garry Says:

    plain brown paper bag
    the mystery
    of his inside pocket

  3. Nancy Rapp Says:

    Love this! Perfect for today. It’s inclement weather. Holding my breath for spring!

  4. martin1223 Says:

    Enjoyed it; great image!

  5. papagreenbean Says:

    Beautiful watercolor meshed with a haiku. It must be nice to be able to create your own haiga!

  6. Marilyn Hazelton Says:


  7. magyar Says:

    Grand Annette_!
    __ We hold each day, as the bulb that seeds tomorrows flowers. _m

    natures growth
    bursts from seeds of hidden flight
    new days bloom

  8. Bob Redmond Says:

    Very nice, thank you

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