submerged skiff-
all the fish
it catches


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  1. magyar Says:

    Michael, yours here, is a nifty haiku_!
    __ You had stirred my memory… 'till now this unseen haiku from my old scribble book. _m

    of warming water
    calm bears hunt this rivers roil
    the salmon return

  2. Autumn Noelle Hall Says:

    LOVE this haiku, Michael! Very unexpected consequence for a sunken skiff. Made me think about other shipwrecks and submerged debris–will they take the place of the bleached coral reefs in the future? It also made me imagine the possible stories behind the sinking–where did this happen and to whom? I even wondered about all the refugee boats that sink, and the way those deaths might be balanced with new life at the bottom of the ocean.

    I really liked all the "sss" and "shhhh" sounds you included here–all of which mirror the many sounds of water.

    Really nice work–thank you for sharing it here!


  3. Seren Fargo Says:

    I really enjoyed this haiku. Did not expect that ending.

  4. margarethsieh Says:

    I love it. As if the little boat knew its true purpose all along and has finally come home.

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