varied thrush
between notes
the unwavering light


7 Responses

  1. Louise Says:

    That is so beautiful! It feels so hopeful!

  2. MaryJo Says:

    That's exactly how I felt, Louise. So needed especially now.

  3. Jane Williams Says:

    Yes. Perfect. Lifted my spirits,thank you.

  4. Sam Bateman Says:

    I like the contrast between the words varied and unwavering—well done Jeff.

  5. Marion Clarke Says:

    The use of ?unwavering? to describe the light feels important in L3?a lot of hope and strength in this one.


  6. Agnes Savich Says:

    Love the switch in the senses between being aware of the lightwaves and the waves of sound from the bird, whether that's the steadfast sun, or the golden feathers reflecting it among the greenness of the trees. Either way, it's full of life and nourishing to the senses.

  7. martin1223 Says:

    in aurora borealis
    Loch Watten’s color

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