almost spring
swinging my cane
to a new beat


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  1. Marianne Paul Says:

    So up“beat”. Thank you! Perhaps it is the word swinging, and the season being spring – this haiku made me feel happy. It feels good to feel happy in these dire times.

  2. Andrea Says:

    I do love your “new beat”, Adelaide!

  3. Kala Ramesh Says:

    Absolutely lovely ku, Adelaide

  4. papagreenbean Says:

    Lovely poem. Positivity is one of the secrets to living a fulfilled life, no doubt.

  5. Bruce Feingold Says:

    What a wonderful poem for a Monday morning in the time of Covid. Thanks, Adelaide &
    tiny words.

  6. Marilyn hazelton Says:

    Thank you, Adelaide! Really wonderful!

  7. Bill Kenney Says:

    A real mood lifter. Thanks, Adelaide.

    Here's an oldie that shares a first line with yours:

    almost spring
    she invites me in
    to her selfie

  8. Magyar Says:

    White Petals; born into this season; now is new.
    __ Grand, Adelaide: a new beat in each and every day, this charm of your thought. _m

  9. martin1223 Says:

    window sill
    spring moonlight gathers
    on the dust

  10. sanjuktaa Says:

    The one who knows how to swing the cane will always be Spring! A joyous ku!

  11. Bob Redmond Says:

    Lovely, thank you!

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