spring migration
the return of
vinyl records

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  1. Marita Says:

    ?Channeling? many of us as we go through our treasures.


  2. papagreenbean Says:

    Great! Love vinyl and this ku!

  3. haikuapprentice Says:

    I really love this haiku on multiple levels.

    The subject is unexpected and delightfully humorous.
    The opening line "spring migration" is like a traditional season word, one which might be expected to be followed by some observation of a natural phenomenon such as birds returning. But because there is actually no other reference to an animal migration, we are left to ponder who or what is migrating? At this time of Covid-19 quarantine it seems the creatures returning to their homes are none other than us. What a marvelous subversion of expectation.

    Then I enjoy the technical aspects of the poem.

    First there is the aesthetic of the "s" and "sh" sounds through that first line that evokes for me the sound of a needle when it first touches down onto the vinyl record.

    The middle line is wonderfully incomplete – like the record going around and around.

    And I really enjoy the way there variation in the accent or beat of the four syllables each line, but especially I like that the last line is a trochaic tetrameter which has a pleasing finality and ties all the lines together.

    Lovely work Meik


  4. Meik Says:

    Thank you for the comments and I am so pleased this ku stirs you! Stay safe and be well. Meik

  5. Jane Williams Says:

    Terrific, uplifting but not without depth, love this one.

  6. haikuapprentice Says:

    spring cleaning
    the vinyl skips
    a few tracks


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