every plastic ever made in existence

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  1. Rafi Lev Says:

    From sea to shunning sea…

    This Ku is even more powerful these days as we begin to realize all that we've taken for granted – wave by wave… Our planet deserves to stay healthy, be well & keep safe – Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jim Runkle Says:

    Super, two thumbs up. Thanks, Jim

  3. Peter Newton Says:

    An apocalyptic poem and a thoughtful reminder rolled into one.
    "existence" is the operative word
    and what the world as we know it hinges on.

  4. Magyar Says:

    __ There are many values within plastic… yet we must not allow plastic's deeper negatives to damage all things.

    earth stones new green
    from sun this natures breath above
    the gasps of plastic

  5. haikuapprentice Says:

    Thoughtful commentary on the state of the world Jeffrey.
    Although not strictly accurate as a statement of scientific fact, the poet is free to exercise hyperbole to express a deeper truth or warning.

    Jeffrey''s decision to structure the verse as an unpunctuated single line ku to me mimics the manner and message of a chyron, which we see across the bottom of our screens on TV news broadcasts – further enhancing its impact as a warning and a commentary on the state of the world.

    I wonder if it might convey the same message but with a more poetic aesthetic (and thus avoid provoking, while still challenging certain politically affiliated individuals) if it was written as a three-line verse, perhaps broken in this way:

    every plastic
    ever made
    in existence

    To me this structure emphasises the alliterative and poetic elements of the verse, while the repeating pattern of two words down the page seems to infer a perhaps alarming ongoing repetition of the same process, just like our seemingly unceasing production of plastic.

    Great work Jeffrey. Enjoyed this one very much.


  6. Magyar Says:

    And we all… still, dis-like plastic… left tossed as trash by the thoughtless.

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