climate change
the slippery slope
of a glacier

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  1. Marilyn Hazelton Says:

    Well done!

  2. Magyar Says:

    Grand link to our realm, Gregory_!
    __ I believe climate changes are the norm of our Earth; as inhabitants, we must forever try to avoid modifying (poisoning to the negative) its plan. _m

    each day changes
    the paths of this universe
    follow nature

  3. papagreenbean Says:

    Nice one, Greg.
    my nephew
    denys climate change
    red state

  4. Bill Kenney Says:

    I like the creative use of a familiar phrase. Good one, Greg.

  5. David Smedley Says:

    spring rain
    the little girl's eyes
    one blue one grey

  6. haikuapprentice Says:

    A really neat "politiku" Gregory. I appreciate that poets can choose to make comment on political or cultural issues, though I do think this tends to make them less timeless and more purely contemporary.

    I personally prefer the approach of the classical haiku masters in which the entire verse comprises observations directly related to natural phenomenon, rather than invoking abstract concepts,

    glacier collapse
    we feel the sea rise
    and fall


  7. purplepeninportland Says:

    Love this, Greg!

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