The Path

Walking through the birch trees we talk of our children and our work. Which for me is one and the same. We talk of haiku, of Shakespeare, of religion. And I wonder if I will ever be more than words.


goodnight kiss
a sliver of moonlight
across her hair

8 Responses

  1. Mary Stevens Says:

    Beautiful haibun, Tia. I could relate to this very well. Thanks for writing it!

  2. mShane Pruett Says:

    This is really lovely. It’s so easy to slip quietly into this moment when you’ve had those walks, talks, and of course the goodnight kisses.

  3. Connie Meester Says:

    A very moving & thought provoking piece. Beautiful!

  4. Emily Says:

    Very moving. Thank you.

  5. MaryJo Says:

    Beautiful, Tia. I could relate to this also. lovely to read outloud.

  6. papagreenbean Says:

    Wonderful! Thank you.

  7. Victor Ortiz Says:

    Clearly, you are more than words! Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece.

  8. Roger Jones Says:

    Very nice understated haibun!

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