ladies gathered for
a garden tea and gossip
irises in bloom


And in the summer breeze these now beige irises seem to nod and whisper, and if you listen closely — the faint rattle of teacups.


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  1. parishaiku Says:

    I love irises, but they do not last long … ephemeral, but perennial, too. Lovely haibun!

  2. snakypoet Says:

    That is very, very nicely done!

  3. Sara McNulty Says:

    Such a lovely image – an Iris tea party!

  4. Kathe L. Palka Says:

    iris tongues—
    among the perennials
    memories whisper


  5. Alan Summers Says:

    Loved "the faint rattle of teacups" and gossip, although to be sexist, I imagine the human males spilling the beans far more than other genders! :-)


    I haven't written about the iris flower but…

    corn moon
    ?the jackdaw shifts
    its iris

    Alan Summers
    Asahi Shimbun (International Haiku Day April 17th 2015)

    Translated into Bulgarian:

    ????? – II

    ????????? ????
    ??????? ????????

    Translations from English to Bulgarian:
    Maya Lyubenova, Tzetzka Ilieva, Vessislava Savova

  6. Alan Summers Says:


    corn moon
    the jackdaw shifts
    its iris

  7. martin1223 Says:

    moonlit wild flag irises²
    a flock¹of crows³cawing all night

    1.`I’ve been reborn&hellip ;
    2. Wild flag iris (Iris setosa) in a Southeast Alaska meadow. Photo by Jim Case, Sitka Ranger District.
    3. a flock of crows in Southeast Alaska…

  8. martin2205 Says:

    moonlit wild flag irises¹
    a flock²of crows cawing all night

    1. Wild flag iris (Iris setosa) in a Southeast Alaska meadow. Google: <Iris setosa at Iris Meadows on Kruzof Island near Sitka, Alaska, Tongass National Forest, Alaska Region. Photo by Jim Case, Sitka Ranger District.> The image is in the middle of the three.
    2. I’ve been reborn… Google: < No, It's Not Actually a Murder of Crows>

  9. Alan Summers Says:

    fifth kind encounter
    humans replace crows
    as an idiom of murder

    Alan Summers
    The Comfort of Crows
    Hifsa Ashraf and Alan Summers

    (Velvet Dusk Publishing, December 2019)

  10. martin2205 Says:

    comfort station
    above the heart murmur’s sound
    a flock of crows cawing caw caw caw caw…

  11. Alan Summers Says:

    crow alert
    all the humans
    being humans

    Alan Summers

  12. martin2205 Says:

    cooing crows
    out of the summer fog
    wild irises

  13. Lesley Says:

    Every word fits — it casts a spell!

  14. martin2205 Says:

    strawberry moon
    the pall of the earth’s shadow


    I too have beige irises, flowering just now in Scotland. This from 10 years ago:

    heliotrope heart
    frilled beige petals —
    did i grow this iris?

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