waiting for a cormorant
to surface


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  1. Magyar Says:

    __ Cormorant: so well seen Bob_ ! Here, my humble echo. _m

    spreads its wings
    to dry this morning's hunt
    sea bird's sun

  2. Bob Lucky Says:

    Thank you for the kind words and the haiku.

  3. Bruce H Feingold Says:

    What a beautiful, powerful, ‘simple’ poem of quietude and hope

  4. Bob Lucky Says:

    Thank you, Bruce.

  5. Alan Summers Says:

    There's a Norwegian myth that people who die at sea can visit their former homes as cormorants.


    long rainy season
    a tree full of cormorants
    fills my heart

    Alan Summers
    AHS Summer Solstice Haiku String 2018 change

  6. Bob Lucky Says:

    Nice haiku, Alan. I read every poem in every issue, but I never seem to get around to responding, etc. I'm going to try to be better!

  7. Alan Summers Says:


    This was along the River Avon in the Bradford-on-Avon (Wiltshire) area. I'd never seen a whole tree filled with cormorants before, or since!

    I've seen the Christmas tree (actual tree) at the City of Bath shopping centre full of birds and looking and sounding like Christmas ornaments, but much smaller birds. :-)

    warm regards,

  8. martin1223 Says:

    diving grebe
    the glint in the water

  9. Bob Lucky Says:

    Nice haiku. Thank you.

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