winter rain
watering the flowers
on her umbrella


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  1. Pbergonzi Says:

    How sweet!

  2. Marie Louise Munro Says:

    Nice! I like the surprise turn at the end.

    Here?s one of mine:

    cold snap
    the howling wolf
    in the asthmatic?s lungs

    (Presence #50, 2014)

  3. martin1223 Says:


  4. Magyar Says:

    __ Ah… the flowered umbrella in the rain… of any, or all seasons.

  5. Alan Summers Says:

    Fun verse!!!

    Of course the most famous umbrella haiku has to be by Richard Wright:

    Just enough of rain
    To bring the smell of silk
    From umbrellas

    Richard Wright


    Easter Wedding
    the chauffeur in a tangle
    with the umbrella

    Alan Summers
    Publication credits: Presence #44 (2011)


    cabbage butterflies–
    a man with an umbrella
    when there’s no rain

    Alan Summers
    ‘hokku’ section
    Under the Basho journal vol 1.1 Autumn 2013

  6. Karen Harvey Says:

    Nice haiku.

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