mountain hollow
a sway in the back
of the old draft horse


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  1. MARY MASON Says:

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  2. Alan Summers Says:

    HI Mary,

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    a tinywords fan

  3. martin1223 Says:

    Enjoyed the moving hollow of the old draft horse:

  4. Alan Summers Says:


    mountain hollow
    a sway in the back
    of the old draft horse

    Love the opening line and how it segues into an old work horse now hopefully happily retired!



    Bush damper –
    a tingle of big sky coffee
    in the horse riders

    Alan Summers
    Troutswirl A Sense of Place: HIKING TRAIL – taste ed. KJMunro
    (November 2018, The Haiku Foundation)

    Damper Bread was a staple of the early Australian settlers' diet. Traditionally, the dough was cooked directly on the coals of an open fire. If you use this method, have a beer handy in case some of the ashes on the damper are still glowing when you eat it!

    …the name was derived from Bond's way of “damping” the fire, covering it with ashes. This preserved the red coals, ready to re-kindle the fire the following morning. The damper was buried in the ashes to bake. … The dough can be wrapped around a stick which is suspended over the fire.
    – australianfoodtimeline

  5. Alan S. Bridges Says:

    I didn't know I had that effect on people!

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