the welcome mat


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  1. Andrea Says:

    Love it… clever!

  2. rafi Says:

    the new remedy
    for excuses

  3. Dan Dana Says:

    Write a haiku for "Songs of the Pandemic" (e-book coming January 2021)

  4. Liz Says:

    Yes very clever and sadly true??? What a year !!

    year 2020
    looking through her lens
    a vision of pandemia

  5. Janet Butler Says:


  6. Marilyn Says:

    Wow! Yes indeed . . .

  7. V. Ranaldi-Adams Says:

    expressive and concise

  8. Marjie Fitterer Says:

    hiding behind walls
    nervously waiting
    -Coronavirus fears

  9. martin1223 Says:

    pandemic lockdown
    the drip of the night

  10. Ronald Pagereski Says:

    Sounds nice. But is it Haiku out of the 5-7-5 format?I am wondering because I thought Haiku must maintain 17 syllables, thanks. I am still learning.

  11. Alan Summers Says:

    Dear Ronald Pagereski,

    Japanese haikai verses, such as hokku, and later in the 19th Century as haiku, often have a 5-on 7-on 5-on sound count, a bit like our morae units. Even in Japan sometimes the natural rhythm of 17-on via 5, 7, 5 is not there on paper but said in verbally to squeeze into that pattern.

    Non-Japanese haikai writers often write haiku to capture the length of the shortness by writing less. I love writing both 'free verse' haiku, but only in English, and 575 haiku, but again only in English where our syllables are often much longer.

    Two short non-575 Japanese language haiku:

    — ????

    Coughing, even:

    Hosai Ozaki (1885-1926)

    Here we have an even shorter haiku:


    haiku by ?hashi Raboku (1890-1933) at 4 Japanese characters.

    The Japanese break more haiku rules than the West! :-)

    warmest regards,


    Alan Summers
    co-founder, Call of the Page
    President, United Haiku and Tanka Society

  12. martin1223 Says:


    Poets argue about it. Here are some examples:

    have fun!

    With mine not, but then again…
    Call it a martin:

    exploding sunlight

  13. Joanne Morcom Says:

    Thank you for your feedback!

  14. NancyAJensen Says:

    Wonderful and a perfect summary of 2020!

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