not yet ready
to head back inside
coyote mind


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  1. martin1223 Says:

    Enjoyed your poem!

    the taste of air
    in moonlight

  2. Peggy Hale Bilbro Says:

    Ben, I love your juxtaposition! Made me say aha!

  3. Castry Says:

    Ben Gaa, Opened a new window. Thank you.

    And Martin1234, is that piece yours or Ben Gaa?s? It?s lovely.

  4. Bob Redmond Says:

    Nice one, Ben… this strikes home to me because of the social requirement nowadays, such as schooling-kids-from-home. The wild of coyote speaks to my resistance to other burdens, even while those other burdens justifiably tug. Your haiku makes it all resonate.

  5. Alan Summers Says:

    not yet ready
    to head back inside
    coyote mind

    —BEN GAA

    Ah, a trickster, like Loki? We all have the calling of the original dog somewhere inside us, and a full moon helps.


    a dog all smiles
    can't wait to say hello
    we talk secretly

    Alan Summers
    Weird Laburnum ed. Michael O’Brien September 9th Monday 2019
    from The “Surrealism as Truth series” in association with “the dogs of name.”

    dog star
    I throw myself
    a bone

    Alan Summers

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