library room-
i read her
page by page


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  1. kalaramesh Says:

    Congrats, Kashinath.
    Loved your senryu.
    Most poignant.

  2. Kashinath Karmakar Says:

    Thanks a lot Kala!

  3. Bidyut Prabha Gantayat Says:

    rain dripping
    whole night …
    the cracked roof

    ? Bidyut Prabha

  4. Neha R. Krishna Says:

    Really beautiful?

  5. Tapan Mozumdar Says:

    I like this piece. Reading someone often is random though. You don’t know which page the wind shall open :) all the best

  6. Aparna Says:

    This is so beautiful , Kash !! Congratulations !!

  7. Kashiana Says:

    Love this, congrats Kash
    Always eager for a library reference
    Miss them these days

  8. Richa Says:

    Beautiful verse to contemplate!

  9. Kashinath Karmakar Says:

    Thanks to all of you for your inspiring comments!

  10. Aniket Nikhade Says:

    More the things remain the same, then more they remain the same.

    A thing of past is a thing of past

    The mirror never lies

    The morning starts on a positive note with smile on the face while looking back at myself in the mirror.

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