the sunset

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  1. Andrea Says:

    Really beautiful!

  2. Hemapriya Chellappan Says:

    Thank you, Andrea :)

  3. Liz Says:

    Lively poem !

    tequila sunrise
    sangria sunsets
    swirls of intoxicating beauty

  4. Nancy Rapp Says:

    I love where this took me! Thanks!

  5. Hemapriya Chellappan Says:

    Thank you so much!

  6. martin1223 Says:

    summer moon
    the smell of seaweed
    in the sand

  7. Hemapriya Chellappan Says:

    Nice poem :)

  8. agnesevasavich Says:

    cheers! and i love what a good mouthful of wine can do. tasting the sunset indeed.

  9. Hemapriya Chellappan Says:

    Thank you, Agnes :)))

  10. Marion Clarke Says:

    Ahhh?brought me back to France. One to be savoured, Hemapriya!


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