porch lights
a trombone slides
into the night


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  1. Peggy Bilbro Says:

    So nice! This is so very evocative! kudos!

  2. Alan Summers Says:


    porch lights
    a trombone slides
    into the night


    First of all, wow! A great "aural visual" of sound and image combined. This is packed with atmosphere.

    I love that para-rhyme of 'lights' and 'slides' when I read the full haiku, great effect!

    And of course the assonance of the letters "i" add a genius touch too!

    One I would have nabbed in minutes for the Blo?o Outlier Journal. :-)


    porch side mountains
    the wind-pushed snow
    all around us

    Alan Summers
    Asahi Shimbun (December 2019, Japan)

  3. June Rose Dowis Says:

    Thank you so much Alan and Peggy for your kind words. June

  4. Alan Summers Says:

    No worries! :-)


  5. Agnes Eva Savich Says:

    I love hearing instruments practicing in the neighborhood, it really does lend a nice soundtrack to the natural world turning.

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