leaping from branch to branch, a fruit bat browses the cashew tree.

tracing the edge
of a half-eaten leaf ?
gibbous moon


7 Responses

  1. Andrea Says:

    I love this piece so much…

  2. Guy Stephenson Says:

    That is superb. It conjures up so many possibilities in so few words.

  3. Alice Wanderer Says:

    Very nice. Thanks!

  4. Margaret Mahony Says:


  5. Magyar Says:

    __ Here, Taofeek, your word parcel filled with thought, Grand! _m

    Nature; seeds imagination; the growth.

  6. Taofeek Ayeyemi Says:

    Thanks all for the responses.
    Thanks, Guy. I always look forward to your inspiring and fantastic remarks.
    Magyar, I appreciate your commentary.

  7. Gillena Cox Says:

    Very nice images. luv the resonance of movement of the fruit bat and the moon's seemingly moving too.

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