vernal equinox
the freshly-turned earth
settles into itself


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  1. dcb Says:

    Nicely phrased.

  2. Julie Schwerin Says:

    Thank you.

  3. Mary Jo Says:

    Just beautiful, Julie and with such hope.

  4. Julie Schwerin Says:

    Thanks, Jo. We all need a little hope.

  5. Kathryn Delisle Says:

    Beautiful to read on a very cold day!

  6. Julie Schwerin Says:

    Thanks, Kathryn. Indeed. 29 degrees here in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin this morning! :)

  7. Magyar Says:

    __ Very nice, Julie; this, my humble echo.

    _Highwire: betwixt each season's balance: cautious steps.

  8. Julie Schwerin Says:

    Dear Magyar,

    Thank you for your response!
    "Highwire: betwixt each season's balance: cautious steps."
    That's right where we are for sure. Still navigating that delicate balance. I did put my snowshoes away, but I haven't gotten the spring jackets out yet. :)

  9. Julie Schwerin Says:

    Dear Magyar, Thank you for the poetic replay! A balance, indeed!

  10. pedometergeek Says:

    Gorgeous, Julie.
    ~Nancy Brady

  11. Julie Schwerin Says:

    Thanks, Nancy! I see spring is still trying to settle in Ohio. My son sent me photos of the snow from this weekend!

  12. Jill Lange Says:

    Beautiful, and perfect for vernal equinox! Thank you, Julie!

  13. Julie Schwerin Says:

    Thanks, Jill. Yes, it seems we are still trying to settle in here, but it's coming.

  14. johnhawkhead Says:

    So much in this one Julie, I can feels myself sinking into it!

  15. Julie Schwerin Says:

    Thank you, John. Yes, the frozen ground is thawing and each step leaves an imprint. It's a good feeling after a long winter!

  16. Lisa Alexander Baron Says:

    Hi Julie —

    I like the notion of the Earth personified as self-actualized and self aware. Beyond our total human comprehension, and a model for us to live a more trusted, organic life.

    the sail moves
    with the wind's
    shifts of thought

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