star gazing
what we wished for
light years ago


8 Responses

  1. Mark Teaford Says:

    I love the swirl of time evoked in this one! Many thanks!

  2. Magyar Says:

    __ Stars taunt… in liight-speed… their time.

  3. parishaiku Says:

    OMG! Loved this one! Star gazing always brings about longing and awe and a feeling of eternal time that's so fleeting for us Earthlings—and this poem brought all those feelings together for me. Well done. Another poem I wish I'd written! ;)

  4. Barbara Kaufmann Says:

    I love this!

  5. Marion Clarke Says:

    I love this, John. As well as being breathtakingly beautiful, it invites the reader to ponder time and space and our place in it.


  6. Mary-Lane Kamberg Says:

    I love this poem!

  7. Julie Schwerin Says:

    A beautiful poem that has me feeling a day late and a dollar short! I love the gentle humor. Well done!

  8. martin1223 Says:

    no time… the light between a blue jay's song

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