abstract collage of different patterns representing nested dolls

babushka dolls
carrying my ancestors
inside of me

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  1. Dave Borland Says:


    Just beautiful; words and art.
    PS My Polish wife of 42 years
    also loved it.

    Dave Borland

  2. Mary Ho Says:

    Stunning. I so enjoyed this, Marianne.

  3. Alan Summers Says:


    babushka dolls
    carrying my ancestors
    inside of me

    Marianne PAUL

    I adore "carrying my ancestors inside of me"

    Karen loves searching my ancestry (I'm adopted) and keeps finding fascinating information! Living relatives include the amazing actress Amy Adams, but far too shy and in awe to say 'hi cousin'!

    Cool haiga too!!!

    warmest regards,

  4. Magyar Says:

    sews banners from grandchilds clothes
    family stitches


  5. Magyar Says:

    __Babushka and Nagymama, I easily would consider… Polish and Hungarian parallels to each other. Such Grandmothers, lovingly tending to their off-springs… with "family stitches."

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