big sky
a snag on the river
leaving no scar

4 Responses

  1. Alan Summers Says:

    Love the expansiveness of the first line and using the "narrowing down" technique to a final 'leaving no scar'. Sublime.

    warm regards,

  2. Elisa Says:

    Fantastic poem, Jeffrey!

    And Thank you for sharing your review on this haiku, Alan. It enriches my perspective.

  3. Alan Summers Says:

    Thanks Elisa,

    The narrowing down or zoom effect (which Jane Reichhold talked about) can be brilliantly effective as in Jeffrey Ferrara's haiku.

    warm regards,
    editor, The Haiku Reader anthology

  4. Magyar Says:

    silent rivers dam
    fallen rush turns loud and vast
    sense-filled images

    __As we see and hear… we imagine.

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