so effortless…
the pull
of a dead star




(Published on First Literary Review-East, 2021)


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  1. Sue Burke Says:

    a long walk
    arguing with someone
    who isn't there

  2. Magyar Says:

    __Well sensed Elisa; drawn, stepping toward that lure of something… no longer there. _m

    ear echos
    hovered words of memory
    dusty paces

  3. Elisa Theriana Says:

    Dear Sue and Magyar, Thank you for sharing the love and wonder of the universe! Love your poems ❤

  4. Alan Summers Says:

    As there is a new dead star sending out a heartbeat right now, catch the new Nature article, this packs extra power now!

    warm regards,

  5. Elisa Theriana Says:

    Hey Alan, Thank you for this interesting information! I was mesmerized by the NASA Webb’s telescope recent photos. Who knows we might catch up the becoming of a dead star?

    milky way
    we argue the distance
    between stars

    – Hedgegrow #125

  6. Alan Summers Says:

    HIya back at ya! :-)

    Check out FRB 20191221A which might be a magnetar type dead star I believe.

    river of stars–
    I wave both hello & goodbye
    to one blinking

    Alan Summers
    Azami #52 ed. Ikkoku Santo (Japan, 1998)

  7. Elisa Theriana Says:

    Alan, your haiku sent me into a melancholy state. How fleeting our life is and at the same time how precious! Thank you and wish you a wonderful day.

  8. Hemapriya Chellappan Says:

    Loved it the first time I read it!

  9. Sandi Pray Says:

    I’ve been thinking of the enormity of what the Webb Telescope has been teaching us. Thank you, Elisa. I feel that also 🙏

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