Welcome to tinywords 22.2

Our new background image for this issue is of a bioluminescent moon jellyfish.  A beautiful representative of the myriad of lifeforms that make their home within earth’s oceans.

As the seasons change once again around this blue planet it is again a privilege for us here at TINYWORDS to present these many voices from around the globe. Congratulations to Jeffrey Ferrara and Maurice Nevile who open the new issue with their winning poems inspired by our writing prompt image of fishing boats at anchor. Their poems are featured below. As always, the many fine inspired offerings make the photo prompt submissions well worth reading.

Thanks again to TINYWORDS Assistant Editors Polona Oblak and Ruth Holzer, and to founding editor Dylan Tweney, who also serves as our technical advisor and web page designer.

To all of the poets who sent in their poems for 22.2, and to the readers who return year after year, we again say thank you.

We wish you all the very best now and in the seasons ahead.


Be well,

The Editors


Prompt winners 22.2


through the mirror

another world

moves below


–Jeffrey Ferrara


rusty hull

weathering these waves

of grief


–Maurice Nevile


10 Responses

  1. Alan Summers Says:

    Congratulations to both poets!

  2. Magyar Says:

    As each reader's mind sails.. . _m

  3. Marion Clarke Says:

    Well done, Jeffrey and Maurice.


  4. Jo Balistreri Says:

    Congratulations to the two poets. What enjoyable haiku.

  5. Sam Bateman Says:

    Congratulations to the winners for their clear vision.

  6. Karen Harvey Says:

    Congratulations. I enjoyed both of these poems very much.

  7. cjeandowner Says:

    Congratulations to both poets. What beautiful haiku!

  8. Helen Buckingham Says:

    Congratulations, Jeffrey and Maurice! Good choices eds.

  9. June Rose Dowis Says:

    Wonderful! Thank you

  10. martin1223 Says:

    Thank you for your poems!

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